How can leader(s) contribute to success? A case study of the Italian Job (2003)


  • Kabiru Maitama Kura UTB School of Business, Universiti Teknologi Brunei


leadership dynamics, success factors, The Italian Job film, group collaboration


This paper delves into the leadership dynamics portrayed in the film "The Italian Job" to investigate the critical role of leaders in driving successful outcomes. The movie centers around Charlie Croker, a charismatic team leader who masterminds a series of strategic maneuvers to orchestrate a gold heist in Venice, Italy. The study aims to glean insights into how effective leadership contributes to achieving goals by analyzing Croker's leadership approach. Drawing evidence from the film's narrative, pertinent textbook excerpts, and empirical studies, the paper scrutinizes the leadership qualities and actions that empower Croker to guide his team towards success. Through this cinematic exploration, the research sheds light on how leaders influence group dynamics, foster motivation, and catalyze collaborative efforts. Ultimately, the findings from this analysis contribute to a nuanced understanding of leadership's significance in attaining objectives, both within the context of fictional narratives and real-world scenarios.




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